Softscapes are a wonderful way to set off a property’s architectural and natural characteristics by softening the unaesthetic edges that are formed due to the very nature of “hardscapes” and structures. They serve as a natural buffer between the natural terrain and the more structural features of a property. These features could include the house itself, retaining walls, patios, water features, etc., in the landscape. DSLD employs a licensed, experienced team of landscape designers and architects that are knowledgeable and provide you with the most functional, environmental, aesthetic and economic landscape possible.

When softscape services (landscaping) are done right, it can completely transform the look of your home or business. After all, your outdoor is the first thing people see when they visit or drive by. In addition to adding value and curb appeal to your home, landscape designs can make your outdoor area a peaceful extension of your indoor space.

When you call the experts at DSLD Land Management, we will come onsite to discuss your specific needs, preferences and concerns one-on-one. We do this because we’re passionate about designing a backyard landscape that is customized to you and your family’s lifestyle. It’s this personal approach to softscapes in Birmingham, Alabama, that sets us apart and ensures our clients get the results they’re after and more.

Want to create shade for your outdoor space during the hot summer months? Or maybe you’d prefer to open up your outdoor space so you have more room to entertain? Whatever your goals may be, we will guide you step-by-step through the design process and help you select each plant, shrub and tree that will work best for your space.

As part of our softscape services, tree planting and tree removal will beautify your property and give you the yard you’ve always wanted. Be the envy of all your neighbors and contact us at (205) 509-4694  for your next landscape project.